Monday, 29 July 2013

Never Fish For Compliments

I should know this by now: LC doesn't catch on quick, nor does he compliment.

So when I asked him by text to say something nice as I'd had a crap day, he replied:

"Can't wait for a lovely Friday night"


We're out with another couple that night (is my company THAT amazing?!)

Let's try again: "Say something nice about ME"

"You should do the skeleton dance! Wiggle wiggle"

What the...............? (Drugs? Does he do drugs in my absence? Why am I not included in this drug taking??)

I stopped and Googled the skeleton dance. I'm not doing that.

I give up. I should have learned never to interrupt him babysitting his nephews and never to assume he'd learn how to compliment me.

I'll do it instead: I'm fit.

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