Friday, 26 July 2013

I Did Buy Me Some Jewellery

I fancied treating myself. I get that I told you two posts down that I'm permaskint. I still am, I just remembered it was payday and that I wanted something nice.

I've actually bought a ring:

It says The Girl Who Waited on the inside and has stars on the outside.

This works on many levels:

1) I wait for things. I'm hideous at patience: I HAVE NONE. But I've had moments in my life where I've prayed and waited, trusting in more than just me.

2) It's Doctor Who

3) Stars are amazing

4) I'm part magpie so love shiny things

See, I've waited. I waited for 4 years for a good man and LC turned up. Literally. I prayed, I got. I waited to be in a position to buy a house. That particular wait took 6 years. I waited 3 years for a new car. And there's a heap of stuff - lovely stuff, amazing stuff - that I've discussed and I'm currently waiting for. They'll come, I know. I have to trust that they will, but I'm crap at waiting and if I have to buy myself something to look at every day to remind me that I'm The Girl Who Waited then so be it.

My version of the Tardis is coming. Life changing, exciting, and ideally that shade of blue. Everything should be that shade of blue.

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