Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I'm Rather Excited

I very rarely take more than a week at a time off work (I work in the heady world of Customer Service. Or more specifically, Complaints. Now do you see where the gin comes in?) but this year me and LC are off to Scotland.


We're doing Edinburgh Festival, St Andrews where LC went to Uni (and yet he's not bezzies with Prince William, I picked the wrong one), and then the Lakes.

I have spent so much time and so much money planning and booking trains, hotels, and gigs that I'm hyped up and perma-skint now.

It's going to be immense though. I've only ever visited Scotland with work so am very very excited to be going there to actually see something other than an office.

So, if you have any suggestions for things to definitely see in Edinburgh/St Andrews, let me know!

*I'm away for one week. Do not burgle my house. Especially when I'm back and I'm sat here in my pjs.

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