Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Time. Already. Whuh?

I'm odd.

I'm not overly fond of Christmas yet class myself as Christian.

The reasoning is a dislike of enforced jollity, the fact it commercially starts in September, and it brings home the fact my home life is very different to that of a "typical" family.

Wunderkind goes off to his dads house every Christmas - usually for a week - and I sit on my todd waiting for folk to take pity on me and invite me round. I allow WK to go to his dads because they have a massive family and have a proper traditional Christmas and I don't think it's fair to deprive him of that experience.

Our Christmas is usually 2 days before he goes away, consists of the usual present opening but our dinner is picked by WK.

This means we've had Indian, pizza, buffet, egg and chips, buffet, Indian, buffet (there's generally a running theme. I mean, who doesn't love buffet?)

However, this year, LC is round for our Christmas. So yes, we're still having Indian and buffet, but we're also following some traditions: hidden presents till "Christmas morning", playing games, being a kind of "typical" family.

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