Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rubber Chicken

Right. You're all going to be wondering what I mean by Rubber Chicken.

I don't mean one of those weird toys with the dodgy squeakers in that you give to a pet dog, I mean a chicken that you stretch over more than one meal. Rubber = stretchy.

I had a bad experience with a cheap chicken breast. This sounds like a real #middleclassnightmare, but I bought cheap chicken and when I was eating it, it was horrible: watery, oddly textured, tasted of nothing, and I kept gipping. Anyways, I decided that I would do an experiment with free range organic chicken, to see if it tastes better.

So I bought a £9 chook and got cooking.

So far the happy, very-well-treated,-tucked-in-bed, given-brandy-and-cigars-then-snuggled-to-death-in-its-sleep chicken (there has got to be a reason for its cost, right?) has made:

* Roast dinner for 3 (me, LC and Wunderkind)

* Chicken and roasted sweetcorn risotto for 2 (me and Wunderkind)

* Chicken pasta bake for 3 (me, Wunderkind, and The Mothership)

* 2 x chicken and salad pitta breads for me

* 1L of stock with which I'll be making soup/stew/risotto depending on my mood. Yes, risotto again. I'm gooooood at risotto.

So that's 10 meals. TEN. And can I tell the difference? YES.

It's going to sound odd when I say it tastes of chicken, because we've become so accustomed to chicken tasting of nothing so things that taste of nothing, taste of chicken BUT it tastes of Actual Chicken.

And I'm converted.

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